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My latest article.... Overcome was added on 7/20/2016. 
Why is the biblical term "overcome" generally ignored or misunderstood by our modern churches?

(7/2007) I feel it is important for me to explain my personal background and what I'm all about before you read the following interesting and controversial articles; so carefully read this link.... Introduction

(07/2016) Why is the biblical term "overcome" generally ignored or misunderstood by our modern churches?.... Overcome
(12/2015) What do the "glories" of the sun, moon, and stars have to do with the "flat earth" theory?.... Sun
(09/2015) Why is the ancient and famous city of Babylon mentioned many times in our Bibles?.... Babylon
(06/2015) Why does it seem for many Christians that their prayers are useless and go "unanswered"?.... Prayer
(12/2014) We are very familiar with the term "eternal life", but what does "eternal life" truly mean?.... Eternal
(09/2014) The church of Jesus Christ consists of "called out" saints, but what is this "calling out" all about?.... Church
(06/2014) What did Jesus Christ truly mean when He talked about the so-called "unpardonable sin"?.... Unpardonable
(11/2013) What are the political implications of the terms "right and left hands" found many times in our Bibles?.... Hands
(09/2013) Most Christians believe in immortal "angels", but what does the Bible truly explain about angels?.... Angels
(05/2013) Our churches truly believe in salvation and the need to "get saved", but what truly IS salvation?.... Salvation
(01/2013) We have all heard the term "Lucifer", but just who is this mysterious "being" spoken of in Isaiah 14:12?.... Lucifer
(12/2012) Our churches believe in the kingdom of God, but just what is the function of this "secret" kingdom?.... Kingdom
(08/2012) What happens to us after we die; so the question is, what is "death" and the "resurrection"?.... Death
(05/2012) Just what are these evil mysterious spirit beings known as "devils" and "unclean spirits"?.... Devils
(02/2012) What is the so-called "second coming" and the "return" of Jesus Christ all about?.... Coming
(11/2011) Why is the sovereignty of God generally not discussed by our modern churches?.... Sovereignty
(06/2011) What does the Bible teach about our greatest enemy known as Satan the devil?.... Satan
(05/2011) The problem of evil demands the question; does God interfere with man's will?.... Freewill
(01/2011) What is the spiritual significance of the Lord's Supper and Holy Communion?.... Communion
(12/2010) What did Jesus Christ mean when He spoke of "Gehenna Hell-Fire"?.... Gehenna
(11/2010) In Romans 9:6 did Paul mention another "Israel" other than the old covenant physical Israel?.... Israel
(10/2010) Why do our churches put more emphasis on water baptism than on "Spirit" baptism?.... Baptism
(10/2007) What (or who) was the "anointed cherub" of Ezekiel 28:14?.... Cherub

The following articles below are transcribed sermons and lessons designed to more or less build on each other, if you know what I mean.  So it would be best to read them in sequence starting with the "Plan of the Ages".  As you will notice the last lesson is part 14 on the "City of Zion".  Part 15 is on hold for now, but if the Spirit moves me I will resume these lessons sometime in the future.  Please read these transcribed sermons very carefully, and may the God of Israel bless you!

God's overall plan to redeem man is not limited to just this present evil age.... The Plan of the Ages
There are certain translated words that should not be in our Bibles.... The Infallible Words of God 

A five part series on the subject of the "Wrath of God"...
Part one.... Furnace of Refining Fire
Part two.... The Fire of Godís Jealousy 
Part three.... The Salvation of Israel 
Part four.... Godís Spiritual Fire 
Part five.... The Natural Man  

A fourteen part series on the subject of the "City of Zion"...
Part one.... An Introduction
Part two.... Woman In Travail
Part three.... Strangers and Pilgrims 
Part four.... The Mercy Of God 
Part five.... The Royal Priesthood 
Part six.... Spiritual Blindness 
Part seven.... Stairway Of Steps 
Part eight.... Babes In Christ  
Part nine.... The Book Of Life 
Part ten.... Godís Sanctuary and the Sabbath 
Part eleven.... Light and Darkness 
Part twelve.... The Geneses Creation 
Part thirteen.... The Rock of Salvation 
Part fourteen.... The Special Salvation

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